Devotion for May 7, 2020

“God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness …’” Genesis 1:26

Matthew often wonders why God created us knowing that we would hurt him in such incredible ways. His conclusion centers on God’s love for us and his hope that one day, in spite of all the hurt we cause God, we will live with him in perfect, eternal community. In a sense, that is also why we enter into community with each other.

Matthew can’t remember a relationship in his life where he hasn’t failed, in one way or another, to live up to the ideal expectations of community. Despite that, Matthew has some deep connections with people that he loves very much. And he isn’t alone. We hurt people we are in community with all the time. It is in our sinful nature to fail, to let down, and to hurt others — not always on purpose but as a result of sin in our lives. Yet we all keep entering into community again and again. The hurt doesn’t stop us, because we keep loving others and hoping for everything that community is and can be.

Why do we enter into community? Because God did, and we are created in his image. God loves us so much that he sent his Son, Jesus, who laid down his own life for us in order to re-enter community with us, his creation. And we love others so much that we enter into community again and again with love and with the hope of something greater. Community is a reflection of God’s love living in us. It’s what we were created to be.

Father, thank you for entering into community with us. Help us to love others and to look forward in hope to the eternal community that we will share with you. Amen.

Stay encouraged!
Pastor Mike

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