Devotion for April 19, 2024

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (Psalm 19:1)

Reading this Psalm, I am struck by the big-ness of the universe and God’s creation. The concept of infinity really does my head in. I am writing this in the aftermath of the Solar Eclipse. The heavens declare God’s glory. Even in these troubled times. Such phenomena remind me of who is in control of all things.

Have you ever seen the stars when there is no light pollution? What a gift is a view where you can watch a lightning display in safety or take in the glories of a sunrise or sunset. How do you feel about thunder cracking overhead? You may prefer to hear it rumbling away into the distance. I have experienced the Aurora Borealis, and gazed in wonder at the display provided. I appreciate seeing a rainbow and remembering God’s promise that he will always be with me no matter what happens. And, sometimes, it’s just good to look up at the sky and see the blueness and the clouds with which it is decorated. How amazing is our God who has created these phenomenal displays? And I love the notion that “God has pitched a tent for the sun”.

And just as the sun, moon and stars have their set order and paths to follow, the psalmist goes on to praise the law of the Lord. God’s commands are a gift and not a burden. I wonder whether you and I share that view? Do we celebrate God’s desire that we love one another — not just those who are easy to love, but everyone? Even that person — colleague, acquaintance or family member — who really gets under our skin and manages to upset us sometimes by just being there?

We know that living with no boundaries is not a good thing. We need boundaries to help us contain our lives. To give us guidance about when to stop so that we do not harm ourselves or others. The psalmist paints a beautiful picture of God’s will — it gives wisdom, joy and light to our eyes. How blessed are we to know God’s wishes — and how much more blessed are we when we follow God’s will in all we say and do.


Lord, strengthen my faith to follow the path You have set for me. Grant me forgiveness when I don’t. I thank and praise You for Your creation and the promises You have given us! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Stay encouraged!

Pastor Mike

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