Devotion for April 26, 2022

“Because the residents of Jerusalem and their leaders did not recognise him or understand the words of the prophets, they fulfilled those words by condemning him.” (Acts 13:27)

Follow the rules, and you’ll be right! How often this advice is given to us as we travel through life. Think carefully. Did we always comply, even sometimes not being aware of whether we were or not? Did the rule save us? Maybe it showed us where not to go, but it did not necessarily save us from the consequences of an action — or lack of. Or we may have even suffered because of the neglect of someone else. Even with the best intentions from the most sophisticated legal minds, rules alone do not give the best results, as an interpretation of the rule can be successfully challenged.

The result of man sinning caused the people of God to wander or to live in exile for hundreds of years, and even though God promised them on numerous occasions that he would send a saviour, they continued to try and follow the rules on their own.

The Saviour (Christ) came, and despite his being there with them, real and visible, they still followed rules, which led them to put Christ on the cross. But thank God he raised Christ from death so that people could be physically with him to testify to the fulfilment of God’s saving promise. Even after that, some people stubbornly thought their rules were a better way to go.

Today, we still fall into the trap of what we think, rather than “living and trusting God” and testifying to his salvation for all, for his glory, and not complying with a rule.


Thank you for “the power to understand how broad and long, how high and deep, is Christ’s love”. Amen.

Stay encouraged!

Pastor Mike

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