Devotion for January 29, 2021

“What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?” (Mark 5:7)

Yesterday we saw how Jesus dealt with a storm on the sea. Today Jesus and his disciples encounter a storm on the land. The raging man in this story is dangerous and uncontrollable, and his howling voice screams like the wind but with a remarkable truth: he identifies Jesus as the “Son of the Most High God.”

The disciples themselves have not yet declared this truth about Jesus, and they are only slowly coming to realize who he is. They are still learning, and so are we.

Just as he did on the sea, Jesus calms the furious storm in this man by using his authority. The man is freed from his torment by evil spirits, he returns to his right mind, and he goes home to tell his family and many ­others “how much Jesus had done for him.”

This story has reminded people of God’s work through Moses at the Red Sea (see Exodus 14-15). The legion of destructive forces is drowned in the sea, evil is put in its place by God’s authority and power, and there is deliverance, salvation. These are big themes, and Jesus is right in the middle of them.

When we correctly identify who Jesus is, we too may wonder, “What do you want with me?” May we learn who Jesus is, be delivered from the power of Satan, and be invited to faith and new life. Instead of chaos and damage, Jesus brings deliverance and peace!

Jesus, Son of the Most High God, have your way with me. I thank you for bringing peace and deliverance. Help me to tell others how much you have done for me. Amen.

Stay encouraged!
Pastor Mike

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