Devotion for July 26, 2020

“He became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him …” (Hebrews 5:9)

People are constantly searching for peace and happiness in their life. Whether they know it or not, they are searching for fulfillment and the meaning of life. They are searching to fill an emptiness in their life, even if they are not able to recognize that.

As Christians, we have been given the greatest of all gifts: eternal salvation. This gift is provided to us through the finished work of Jesus Christ. As we have learned, he is the great High Priest appointed to represent us and to mediate for us before God the Father. And in order to do that, he had to suffer, providing the sacrifice for our sin. Being proved perfect through his suffering for us, taking it on willingly in his obedience for our sake, “he became the source of eternal salvation.” We know where we can find our salvation. It is not in ourselves or anything that this world can offer. Our source of eternal salvation is in Jesus alone.

Having found the source of salvation, we are called to live obediently in gratitude for all he has done. We do not earn our salvation by being obedient; our obedience is an outpouring of gratitude for his suffering for our sake.

In Jesus we have the source of eternal salvation. We no longer need to search for true peace because we have found it in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Dear Jesus, thank you for your suffering. In your obedient, willing sacrifice for our sake, you are proven to be the perfect source of eternal salvation. Thank you. Amen.

Stay encouraged!
Pastor Mike

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