Devotion for June 5, 2022

“Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.” (Psalm 97:10)

Our God delivers us from the hands of the wicked. We pray in the Lord’s prayer, deliver us from evil. God guards the lives of those who are faithful.

I find it reassuring that there are lifeguards on the beach. Although some people are confident in and around water, I am not. I make sure that I don’t venture too far. I make sure that I stay between the flags (even though the most I do is wade in shallow water).

Here, the psalmist tells us that God is our lifeguard and deliverer. The psalmist also tells us in verse 2 that the foundations of his throne are righteousness and justice. Then in verse 6, they say that everyone is able to see God’s glory because the earth sees God and trembles, the heavens proclaim his righteousness, and the mountains melt before him.

Our God is almighty, and his creation bears witness to his mightiness. The power of God’s creation is the same power that he uses to deliver us from the hand of the wicked. How awesome is it to trust our God to that level? And what does God ask of us in return? To hate evil. So today, be alert, be faithful, love the Lord your God and hate evil.


Father God, you are my lifeguard. You deliver those who are faithful to you and who love you from the hand of the wicked. Thank you that you are my Lord. I love you, Lord. Show me how to live my life in faithful service to you. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

Stay encouraged!

Pastor Mike

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