Devotion for March 22, 2024

“Gather to me my consecrated ones …” (Psalm 50:5a)

In this psalm, God summons all the people of Earth before Him and addresses them: Those who have been faithful to their special connection and those who haven’t. To the faithful, He says he will deliver them (verse 15), and to those who have dishonored Him, He speaks words of judgement. That’s how it works.

First, he addresses his “consecrated ones”. The word “consecrate” is a special one. When we share in holy communion, firstly, the bread and the wine are “consecrated”. This means that while in themselves, they are exactly as they appear to be, the basic elements of a meal are now set aside for something special. It is “holy” communion, which means “set apart”. You may have a multi-purpose building that you use for worship. As the name suggests, it has many purposes, but when it is time for worship, that space is “consecrated”, set apart for a sacred purpose.

God’s people are consecrated. You are consecrated. Set apart to be what that phrase suggests: Not one with, the same as everything around, but apart, different, holy. When you were baptized, God consecrated you. He called you His child and drew you into a special connection with Him won by Jesus through the cross. Martin Luther suggested that the first thing we should do when we wake in the morning is to make the sign of the cross. To remember who we are. That we have been consecrated to be God’s people.

It is God who does the consecrating. He doesn’t need it. It’s not for His benefit. But it is done in an act of love. “I will be your God, you will be my people.” Isn’t it good to know you are one of the consecrated ones? God doesn’t set you apart and then say, “Well, I wish you luck!” No, He sets you apart and reassures you: “You can depend on me. I will be faithful; I will deliver you.” If I have to stand before Him when He summons all the people of Earth, then I can stand bravely. I just need to humbly remind Him of what He has done, for I am one of the consecrated ones.


Lord, I thank You for Your promises to me, and I thank You for consecrating me as one of Your people. Let me life glorify Your name in everything I say and do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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