Devotion for November 13, 2020

“They will eat and have some left over.” (2 Kings 4:43).

Calling all caterers! Your assignment is to feed 100 hungry men. You have 20 loaves of barley bread for the task. After doing the math, is this going to work?

This was the situation Elisha and his servant found themselves in. I must admit, with a number of miracles of provision involving multiplication to choose from, this one was not on my “go-to” list. But again, we see another example, from the Old Testament, of God’s abundant provision. I say abundant, because there were leftovers!

Here are the ingredients for this account:

  • The gift of the barley loaves offered to God’s prophet, Elisha;
  • A worried servant, fussing that this was not going to be enough to feed the 100 men that Elisha had told him to share it with;
  • A confident Elisha – confident in God’s ability to provide in any situation;
  • 100 men.


  • God’s word for the circumstance: “They will eat and have some left over” (verse 43).

The result:

  • Full bellies and leftovers (and hopefully a greater awareness of God’s kindness, care and provision for all who were fed).

Time and again, God shows his willingness to be involved in our lives. He addresses our physical needs as well as the needs of our soul and spirit. Looking at challenges from his perspective can be a game-changer. The Bible is full of accounts that shed light on who God is and his great love and care for us. I wonder how this might influence your day, today.

Dear Heavenly Father, we are grateful for all the ways you look after us. Help us to recognize your heart and hand in today’s activities. Please accept our gratitude! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Stay encouraged!
Pastor Mike

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