Devotion for October 17, 2021

“When they looked for him, he could not be found … The LORD said, ‘Behold, he is hiding himself among the baggage.’” (1 Samuel 10:21-22)

Saul seemed astonished. Was he really to be Israel’s king? He felt unqualified and didn’t want to accept the assignment. Yet this was the message from the prophet Samuel.

At the gathering when the king was to be revealed, his name was called, but he remained in hiding. Filled with fear, he lacked confidence.

Perhaps surprisingly, his early days as king were successful, as he trusted God and followed Samuel’s guidance. But gradually, he stopped depending on God and consulting Samuel. He became arrogant and defensive, distrusting others, even his son Jonathan.

What a contrast — from beginning his reign so unsure that he wouldn’t even acknowledge God’s call to becoming corrupted by power. Unstable and without a firm anchor, Saul drifted away from God. His prayers were not being answered. Instead of humbly trusting God, he became proud and self-centered, focused on his own interests. Knowing that God wasn’t speaking to him any longer, Saul became willing to embrace idolatry.

Remember that this kind of transition can happen to anyone — to you. Therefore it is important to stay committed to God, fill your mind with His Word, humble yourself before Him, and seek His will. Be a person of prayer, continually looking for His direction and guidance. Obey Him and trust Him to provide what you need. Always remember that you owe everything to Him! Never forget to give Him all the glory!


Father, I humble myself before You. Help me fulfill Your purposes for me. I trust in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Stay encouraged!

Pastor Mike

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