Devotion for October 29, 2022

“… they saw that he had wisdom from God to administer justice.” (1 Kings 3:28b)

We often mistakenly equate wisdom and knowledge. Of course, knowledge is very valuable and useful, but just because you know a lot, it doesn’t mean you make good decisions. Wisdom in Scripture refers to practical skills (including decision-making) that lead to living a life that glorifies God. This includes making decisions that promote justice.

In our reading, we see Solomon has no knowledge about who the true mother is, so he devises a test to discover the truth. We may gasp in horror at his proposal, as surely most did within Solomon’s court. This was not something that Israel’s king should propose! But without shedding a drop of blood, Solomon discovers who the mother really is, and she is reunited with her child.

How do you fare when it comes to making wise decisions? How much thought do you give when posting a social media post or sending an email? Do you consider whether some item you want to share is actually true and what effect it may have on those who read or hear it?

I know there are times when my decisions have lacked wisdom. I am so thankful that our Lord Jesus died for all my sins and that through my baptism, I can receive forgiveness — not just today, but every day! Forgiveness is available not only when we make poor decisions but also when we don’t listen to wise advice.


Lord, help me to make good decisions in my walk with You, and I thank You for Your forgiveness for when I stumble. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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