Devotion for August 31, 2021

“The LORD helped David wherever he went.” (2 Samuel 8:6)

God gave David the kind of success that soldiers, politicians, business leaders, and athletes can only imagine. Everywhere David went, the Lord “helped” him. And, whatever he did, the Lord gave him victory. With God’s continual protection and blessing, he stood safe from attack.

It did not matter how overwhelming David’s obstacles might have seemed or what circumstances he faced. God gave him victory even when he was outnumbered, and hope when situations seem hopeless. God guided and provided for David when he didn’t seem to have a place to turn or hide.

But David had a part to play in receiving this victory. He had to trust God and serve Him faithfully. He had to be a wise warrior. Yet, David achieved victory because God was with him. As long as he looked to God, he was victorious — even when he was afraid and not sure what to do.

This is the kind of life God can give to each of us. It’s a life of perpetual protection, continual safety, and constant victory. But this kind of victory doesn’t come automatically. As David found out later in his life, we have choices to make. If we turn away from God and disobey His Word, we cannot expect His victory and blessings.

Today, God is ready to help you in every situation you face. However, you must not depend on your own strength. Pray and commit your way to Him. Seek His wisdom. Make sure you are faithful with the resources you have been given. Trust completely in Him, and obey His Word. If you are faithful and trust Him, He will give you victory in everything you do.


Father, thank You that You are with me in every situation I face. I believe You for victory! I call upon You. I seek You. I cry out for discernment and wisdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Stay encouraged!

Pastor Mike

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